Our product is a resin formulating light-emitting nanoparticles, so-called perovskite quantum dots (PQDs), in polymer mixtures. These can be used to produce thin light-emitting films that go into a number of applications with large markets. Important applications for color generating layers based on our resin are: Scintillator screens for X-ray and gamma radiation, TV displays and LED lighting applications (horticulture).




Our Technology

Our unique PQD resins are based on one pending PCT patent and two patents filed early Fall 2019. Our IP makes it possible to process different perovskite QDs in any polymer on demand. For example, we produce resins mixing red and green perovskite QDs in PDMS, PP or PMMA that can be used as single-color generating layers in TV displays.



Currently, we have no open positions available, but if you are interested in possible future opportunities please contact us.



BrightComSol GmbH (register number: FN 531696 gis a spin-off from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU Wien) in Austria. It is founded by Dr. Behzad Shirmardi and Prof. Erik Reimhult with more than a decade of experience each in synthesizing nanomaterials for demanding environments.

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