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Fast, high DQE, high-resolution and scalable scintillators for dynamic X-ray imaging and beyond

Faint Glow


BrightSplash™  is a resin formulation produced by mixing novel metal-halide scintillating materials in a chosen polymer. Achieving a uniform distribution of scintillating materials in the polymer is crucial for creating a high-quality product. Our proprietary technology enables us to evenly distribute the scintillating materials in the resin, avoiding aggregation even at scintillator loadings exceeding 95wt%. This is important to ensure brightness uniformity across the entire scintillator film. BrightSplash™ is a printable resin that can be processed using existing thin film production methods, such as roll-to-roll or roll-to-plate, to create a scintillator composite in any dimension and form factor. With BrightSplash it is possible to make films of different sizes, from small areas to large surfaces, directly on various materials like flexible PET. Also, you can use BrightSplash to create thin films on special surfaces like fiber optic plates or directly on CMOS or CCD sensors, helping to reduce light scattering at the interface of the readout system.

BrightLeaf is a thin-film scintillator composite that converts high-energy photons, such as X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles, into visible light. The emission spectrum can be tuned within the visible range, including Blue, Green, and Red. The emitted light matches well with the spectral response of light detection devices, such as CCD, CMOS, and TFT-based detectors, without changing the form, fit, and function of the detector. BrightLeaf™ is printed from BrightSplash™ to create a thin film of any size using roll-to-toll technology. BrightLeaf is now offered in a variety of scintillator loadings from 1wt% up to>95wt% and various thicknesses from 30µm to a few millimeters and customizable sizing from a few millimeters to square meters on various substrates. BrightLeaf can be cut with precision into strips to fulfill the specific requirements of customers utilizing linear detectors. BrightLeaf can be mounted directly on the existing readout systems in X-ray flat panel detectors or it can also be used as a stand-alone (decoupled) layer together with the camera to capture the image.


BrightPIXEL is our latest ultrahigh-resolution scintillator, based on our patented scintillator design. BrightPIXEL is the pixelated version of BrightLeaf, a pixelated template filled with BrightSplash. The columns of the template are homogeneously filled with our novel scintillator materials, and the walls reflect the scintillation light inside the columns to prevent cross-talk between them. They also guide the scintillation light towards the interface of the scintillator layer, ensuring optimal performance with the readout system. These walls are essential to prevent cross-talk and light diffusion within the scintillator layer. The diameter of the cavities can be tuned from 5µm to several hundreds of micrometers. The inner walls can be coated with a reflective layer to achieve the highest reflection and minimize the cross-talk between the cavities. our pixelated scintillators enhance the resolution of X-ray images to visualize small objects that are currently invisible with existing scintillator-based detectors.



We make one of the main components of digital X-ray detectors. The  Scintillator.

High-resolution: With our proprietary scintillator technologies, we can enhance the spatial resolution of X-ray images by more than 100%. The superior resolution of our scintillators empowers end users, including engineers, to detect imperfections in batteries, pacemakers, pipelines, printed electronics, and various other manufactured parts. Additionally, professionals like radiologists who require detailed X-ray images can ensure they see the finest details in X-ray images, including mammography, enabling them to make crucial, life-saving decisions..

Fast: Our low afterglow products (decay time < 1µs) accelerate the inspection speed of the X-ray detector by more than 10 times compared to existing scintillator-based detectors that use Gadox (decay time: 600µs) or CsI (Tl) (slower than Gadox). This significant reduction in inspection time translates to cost savings. The active components of our products are a new generation of scintillator materials with impressive nanosecond decay times, offering a unique opportunity for radiological OEMs to manufacture the next generation of ultrafast (1,000,000 fps) X-ray detectors, which can far outpace the existing high-end direct conversion-based X-ray detectors operating at speeds of up to 6,000 fps.

Scalable: We can produce our scintillator films using scalable techniques, such as Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Plate methods, allowing us to make scintillator films at various dimensions ranging from a few square millimeters to several square meters. Our scintillators can be precision cut into strips for use with linear detectors.

EfficientOur technology can potentially decrease the X-ray dose for patients in the medical imaging field thanks to the high sensitivity and speed of our products.

Our technology


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About us


BrightComSol GmbH is a privately owned nanotechnology spin-off from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna, based in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in March 2020 by Dr. Behzad Shirmardi and Prof. Erik Reimhult each has more than a decade of experience in colloidal science and synthesis of nanomaterials. BrightComol is at the forefront of developing new scintillator technology for high-resolution and fast X-ray imaging. BrightComsol is currently based at the BOKU campus in a fully independent lab with privileged access to state-of-the-art infrastructures at BOKU.

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